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Hey there. I'm strange and new to this business...
I'm all moody and emotional and based in Melbourne, Australia.
I do theatre business and write and thrilling stuff like that. I too love the name of this group. I hope (I'm sure) y'all are a bunch of self-confessed wankers and wanna be my friend.
To get you up to speed, I've just embarked on a one-woman show (a double bill) that will include a Strindberg and a Beckett. More detail in me journal. I've also just finished writing my first grant application. Hurrah.
I'm reading Anais Nin, Polly Young-Eisendrath and various other bits and pieces.
I'm listening to Francoiz Breut, and Tricky, ABC Classic FM and the soundtrack to Amelie.
I'm up for a bit of interesting discussion and ideas sharing that's none too full of itself: I also sell clothes.
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