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Educational Theatre

Does anybody here know anything about or have any experience with educational theatre? What can you tell me about it? For starters, what exactly is educational theatre? I'd like to find out whatever I can about the subject, but that question (what is it) is the one thing I'd definitely like to know if anyone can tell me. I'm a college student and I'm not sure what I want to study or what career I'd like to go into, but I know I like children, education, theatre, art, and music. My advisor told me that taking a career test would be a good idea and would help me out, and the test told me, among other things and other possible options, that I should consider going into educational theatre. I hadn't heard of it (or at least not being called that) before, and it sounds interested. I tried looking it up on a search engine, but I got a bunch of unrelated, unhelpful sites that were of no use to me, and it would take me a really long time to look through all those sites to find something. Also, are there any other fields out there that you guys know of that I should know about and might not have heard of that combine some of my different interests? Thanks guys.
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